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Headliners has been recognized for honesty and integrity in the competition industry for 27 years. As a family business, run by a former dance studio owner (Irma Ziegler) and competition team teacher/dance parent (Shari Tomasiello), we offer a true competition experience. Our focus is on realistic scoring, developing relationships, and offering support to and enriching the dance community.

Headliners offers more than just a trophy. We offer opportunities.

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  • 3 levels of Competition

    Novice (Non-Competitive), Hollywood (Recreational), and Broadway (Competitive).
  • Realistic Scoring

    Dancers compete against an adjudicated awards system with awards based on scores received. Awards do not start at gold.
  • Scheduling

    Events start no earlier than 8AM and end by 10PM. Friday events always begin after school hours.
  • Highly Qualified Judges

    All of our judges are required to have extensive training and teaching experience.
  • Venue

    All events are held on a stage with a minimum performance space of 40'x28'.
  • Event Standards

    Include assigned dressing rooms, marley floor, and professional-quality audio.
  • Video Critiques

    Are provided to studios on site via flashdrive with your score sheets before you leave the event.
  • Trophy or Charity Program

    Gives you the option to donate the value of your trophy(s) to charity instead of receiving one at the awards ceremony.
  • Largest Cash Awards

    We are proud to award upwards of $28,000 in cash at our National Championships!
  • College Scholarships

    Up to $450,000 to Dean College Palladino School of Dance are awarded annually at Nationals.
  • International Competition

    Routines can qualify and are nominated for the US Dance Team at all regional events. All dance forms are eligible!
  • Auditions for Representation

    With CESD Talent Agency and Go2Talent. Live audition is held at our National Championships.
  • In-Studio Workshops

    with Quest Intensive. Discounts and special offers are awarded at Regional and National events.
  • All-Inclusive Media

    Photos and videos are covered by registration fees! Participants receive private access to all media taken of their routines.
Download our E-Brochure

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