What is a YPAD Certified

Headliners is proud to be the FIRST competition in the world to be certified by Youth Protection Advocates in Dance. YPAD is a non-profit organization dedicated to building empowered dance communities to keep youth happy, healthy, and safe in all dance environments. More information can be found at: www.ypad4change.org.

It is, and always has been, our goal to provide a safe and encouraging environment for our dancers and families. Our association with YPAD will only help to ensure that our events are "family-friendly."

1. Physical Safety & Security:

  • Clearly marked and/or assigned dressing rooms.
  • Male-specific dressing rooms/area.
  • Quick change areas (when necessary) clearly marked and private.
  • When available, practice/warm up areas clearly marked with safety warnings.
  • Headliners staff clearly identifiable (staff jackets and/or blue lanyards with the Headliners logo).
  • The number of dancers in a room will not exceed laws for fire and safety code.
  • Event Director will have a Binder with Safety Protocols and Emergency Numbers.
  • A First Aid Kit will be available at the Concierge/Merchandise area in the lobby.
  • Announcement of evacuation procedures on the microphone at the beginning of each session.
  • Security provided a letter of communication by YPAD.
  • Signs in dressing rooms stating no photos or videos.
  • Safety announcements regarding stage safety. (No jumping off stage, careful with younger and smaller children).
  • All Event Directors and/or one other staff member will be CPR Certified.
  • For fast and direct communication, staff are connected via radio.

2. Faculty & Staff:

  • Headliners owners and directors are YPAD Certified.
  • Judges, Emcee, Faculty, and Staff go through an online course.
  • All faculty/staff are background checked once every 2 years.
  • Staff interacting with dancers are social media vetted and required to sign a social media creed and code of conduct
  • Judges: Are required to view and critique a minimum of 3 routines of various levels, ages, and dance styles prior to being hired. Are required to have extensive training and teaching experience with children of all ages. Are required to be vetted on YPAD standards and protocols including how to critique and score inappropriate movement/music/costuming in a non-shaming, non-blaming manner through an online course. YPAD’s online course also gives judges sample routines containing inappropriate content to give the judges an opportunity to practice feedback.
  • Emcee: Trained on how will they interact with dancers backstage and YPAD trained on appropriate commentary in between/after routines.

3. Judging & Scoring:

  • Judges are provided with clear outlines for acceptable or unacceptable lyrics, themes, costumes, props, movements (www.ypad4change.org/standards/).
  • The following are the recommended point deductions:
    - Inappropriate music messaging (implicit and explicit): 2-5 pts
    - Inappropriate Costumes: 2-5 pts
    - Sexualized Movements: 5 pts
    - Maximum Point Deduction Per Routine- 15 pts
  • Disqualification: Routines will be disqualified if the adjudicators deem the movement will physically harm the dancer and/or the choreography, music, costume and concept are inappropriate for the age, sexualized and violate our commitment to a family-friendly environment. Headliners’ Event Director will seek out the studio to discuss the content and find solutions for future entries. The studio will also be given the option to contact YPAD to discuss the issue further.

4. Atmosphere:

  • Headliners promotes events that encourage and support dancers in a “go for the goal” atmosphere through positive reinforcement and realistic scores and awards.
  • The well being of the dancer comes first. Everyone who loves dance, regardless of training and ability is welcome. We embrace body diversity and believe dance is for every body!
  • Any comment or feedback, whether competing or taking class, should be thoughtful in tone and language.
  • Special awards will include recognition of good sportsmanship and routines that exemplify YPAD standards. Award type provided by Headliners.
  • Headliners has continued to grow with the help and advice from our supporters. Constructive suggestions from studios and teachers is always welcome and appreciated.

5. Apparel and Concessions:

  • All Headliners apparel is done in house and manufactured with all dancers in mind. Merchandise includes regular tee shirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, sweatpants and leggings.
  • Headliners, when afforded the option, will provide water and healthy (low fat/sugar) power bars, etc. for optimal performance.

6. Scheduling:

  • Limited entries ensures that Headliners events will not have dancers performing before 8am or after 10:30pm. Earlier ending time on Sunday whenever possible.
  • Headliners events will not start before school is out on Fridays.

7. Miscellaneous:

  • Music played during breaks or at awards has been checked to be clean and have positive and appropriate messages.
  • Any complaints/conflict/etc. should be brought to the attention of the Event Director.

The above information is also available during the registration process via email confirmation documentation.

Please contact Headliners with any questions.
We thank you for your support and welcome you to our 2018 Tour!

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